VT KnowledgeWorks Announces Startup Readiness Workshop in Roanoke

(Blacksburg, VA) – The Business Lounge, in conjunction with VT KnowledgeWorks, is hosting a Startup Readiness Workshop on Friday, March 29, 2013, in Roanoke, Virginia.  This full-day workshop at The Business Lounge, an innovative co-working space, helps prospective entrepreneurs test the strategic essence of their business concept, tighten up on managerial focus, and review the overall business start-up process.

Who should attend?  Anyone considering the launch of a business.
·      Inventors with exciting technological developments
·      University faculty members with revolutionary research results
·      Web developers with fresh business concepts
·      Career shifters thinking about starting a company

When you should attend?  Very early in the planning process.
·      When your business concepts are still forming
·      Before you incorporate, write a business plan or launch a web site
·      Before you spend any significant time or personal money

What you’ll learn…
·      The Four Fundamental Factors that govern startup success
·      The Strategic Essence of every successful business
·      Five Powerful Habits used by good managers
·      The power of full Commitment
·      How the Money really moves around
·      Accounting…  De-Mystified
·      The MOXIE secrets
            ·      What it is
            ·      Why you need it
            ·      Where it comes from

The price is $49 for one attendee, $89 for two attendees from the same company.  Register online at www.vtknowledgeworks.com.

For more information contact Jim Flowers, Executive Director of VT KnowledgeWorks, at 540-443-9100, extension 1 or at jim.flowers@vtknowledgeworks.com.

VT KnowledgeWorks encourages and enables creative entrepreneurship world-wide, through innovative curriculum, local business resource centers, and a global network of cooperating regions, all focused on three essential contributors to success: clear understanding of fundamental business principles; access to timely, relevant information; and meaningful personal and corporate relationships.  It is a subsidiary of the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center, supported by the continuing confidence and enthusiasm of its clients, sponsors and friends, both corporate and individual.  Its world headquarters is in Blacksburg, Virginia, USA.

VT KnowledgeWorks corporate sponsors include Attaain, Inc., BB&T, Harris Office Furniture, Hodges, Jones & Mabry, P.C., Hutchison Law Group, Latimer IP Law, LLC , LeClairRyan, New River Valley IP Law, Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), The Branch Group, and Wordsprint.



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