A Generation of Entrepreneurs 
By: Caitlin Pauline Bourn  

Ideas become inventions and visions become reality by those who do not fear stepping outside of the box. Persistence must be ongoing and originality is, and always will be, a risk. But without characteristics such as persistence, determination and originality, where would we be? Or better yet, what would we lack?

A concept that many students in universities across the country are considering and acting on progressively everyday is the concept of entrepreneurship. Oftentimes, postgraduates find themselves struggling to land the career they had envisioned or even opportunities for employment. Young individuals are instead making the decision to create their own job rather than search for one. Entrepreneurism is rapidly progressing and shows no signs of backing down anytime in the future.

Startup America, organized as an initiative of the White House, provides the necessary guidance, provision, and solutions to assist small business owners manage and expand their business. Samantha Steidle, owner of the Business Lounge, has been active in implementing the growth of Startup America right here in Roanoke, Virginia since 2012. Make sure to watch the YouTube video below to learn more about the story of Startup America. Come join us at the Business Lounge today and be a part of the entrepreneur community in the Roanoke area!




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