Business Lounge: Tip of the Day!

Sending the right message can be tricky, but it is always imperative for you, the owner or employee, to represent your company with the utmost reputation. We, at the Business Lounge, know just how to create a two-way, open communication channel from either a professional-to-professional setting or a professional-to-client scenario.

A tactful person can tell you something you don't want to hear and you will be thankful for the information when they are finished.


Diplomatic Communication, no we are not talking about the Royal Family…

1.    Shake the BIAS- UNBIAS yourself. A mindset that is not already dead-set on an opinion, answer, comment, or outcome is a flexible one open to creating new ideas or meeting the other individual halfway. This is often a vital piece of the business puzzle during brainstorming in meetings, merges and acquisitions, or even listening without a prejudice.

2.    Own it. Own up to the responsibility that derives from executing our own thoughts and feelings when a disagreement occurs. It is only human nature to act like a human; therefore, the other individual or coworker will understand. Try to put the blame back on “I” instead of “you.”

3.    An Impression, First or Fifth, is most important.  It is not just a matter of verbal communication but nonverbal cues that are set off and presented from your demeanor. Try not to cross your arms or appeared closed off from the individual sitting in front of you. Never breathe heavy as indicated from aggression or aggravation. Lastly, a business owner of prestige should NEVER roll their eyes at a client and an employee should never roll their eyes at an employee- respect!

4.    FACTUAL EVIDENCE. Examples or historical data proving your opinion or position, maybe even idea is going to be correct should always be aligned by research and some background evidence. This helps the communication process have an ethos to it. The listener believes the person who is talking and this helps to establish credibility between the two communicating.



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