Steve Blank, a serial entrepreneur, is based in Silicon Valley and well-known for his Lean Startup Movement where he founded the ‘Customer Development Model.’ The Business Lounge’s Owner, Samantha Steidle, will be forming her Business 116 Class at Virginia Western Community College this fall around the Lean Startup Movement and Customer Development Process. Follow the Business Lounge’s Blog for weekly posts about the stages of the Customer Development Process:

Customer Development Model:

Customer Development is as essential as Product Development. The emphasis on the Customer Development Model is to put the learning and information gathering phase before the execution which yields success. Prior to the launch of the product, the entrepreneur must completely understand the market reality that forms the creative idea. Do not feel the need to create a “startup,” go against the trend and create focus groups for a bigger idea or company.

  • Stage One: Customer Discovery- Test your hypotheses. 
  • Form exit criteria: What are your customers top problems? Does your product help solve these problems? Create a day-to-day lifestyle chart or list of your customer. 



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