VT KnowledgeWorks Announces Startup Readiness Workshop in Roanoke

(Blacksburg, VA) – The Business Lounge, in conjunction with VT KnowledgeWorks, is hosting a Startup Readiness Workshop on Friday, March 29, 2013, in Roanoke, Virginia.  This full-day workshop at The Business Lounge, an innovative co-working space, helps prospective entrepreneurs test the strategic essence of their business concept, tighten up on managerial focus, and review the overall business start-up process. 

Who should attend?  Anyone considering the launch of a business.
·      Inventors with exciting technological developments
·      University faculty members with revolutionary research results
·      Web developers with fresh business concepts
·      Career shifters thinking about starting a company

When you should attend?  Very early in the planning process.
·      When your business concepts are still forming
·      Before you incorporate, write a business plan or launch a web site
·      Before you spend any significant time or personal money

What you’ll learn… 
·      The Four Fundamental Factors that govern startup success
·      The Strategic Essence of every successful business
·      Five Powerful Habits used by good managers
·      The power of full Commitment
·      How the Money really moves around
·      Accounting…  De-Mystified
·      The MOXIE secrets
            ·      What it is
            ·      Why you need it
            ·      Where it comes from

The price is $49 for one attendee, $89 for two attendees from the same company.  Register online at www.vtknowledgeworks.com

For more information contact Jim Flowers, Executive Director of VT KnowledgeWorks, at 540-443-9100, extension 1 or atjim.flowers@vtknowledgeworks.com

VT KnowledgeWorks encourages and enables creative entrepreneurship world-wide, through innovative curriculum, local business resource centers, and a global network of cooperating regions, all focused on three essential contributors to success: clear understanding of fundamental business principles; access to timely, relevant information; and meaningful personal and corporate relationships.  It is a subsidiary of the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center, supported by the continuing confidence and enthusiasm of its clients, sponsors and friends, both corporate and individual.  Its world headquarters is in Blacksburg, Virginia, USA.

VT KnowledgeWorks corporate sponsors include Attaain, Inc., BB&T, Harris Office Furniture, Hodges, Jones & Mabry, P.C., Hutchison Law Group, Latimer IP Law, LLC , LeClairRyan, New River Valley IP Law, Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), The Branch Group, and Wordsprint
One of our country's former technology chiefs will be campaigning for President Obama in our area today.
August 23, 2012|WDBJ7 Web Staff

ROANOKE, Va. — One of our country's former technology chiefs will be campaigning for President Obama in our area today.

Aneesh Chopra will visit the Business Lounge on Kirk Avenue in Downtown Roanoke at 9:30 this morning. He'll talk about investments the President has made in hopes of creating jobs in our state and across the country.

After that stop, Chopra is off to Harrisonburg and Winchester.

Co-working businesses are taking off in Roanoke and Blacksburg.

TechPad opened in downtown Blacksburg in 2011. They rent work space to start-up companies and existing businesses.

TechPad started with just a few start-up companies, and now they have served more than 20. They have even renovated the office to be able to provide space to even more companies.

Bob Summers, the founder of TechPad, says he is thrilled with the response.

"The more people we have down here the more momentum there is," said Summers.

The same success can be seen at Business Lounge in downtown Roanoke, which is a similar space.

Business Lounge opened in May and has already expanded to a new location.

"We've had people calling every single day and it just keeps on coming," said Samantha Steidle, owner of Business Lounge. "We are looking forward to expanding even more if the demand increases."

Some of the start-up companies say they chose a co-working space because iti s more affordable, and it provides more networking opportunities.

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A Roanoke company is giving entrepreneurs and small businesses a new place to connect.

On Thursday, the Roanoke Business Lounge opened its doors at its new location on Kirk Avenue.

The new space, which will be open 24 hours, will have separate office spaces and conference rooms versus the more open atmosphere of the old location.

The goal is to draw new businesses both in Roanoke and out of town and owner Samantha Steidle said so far she's fielded calls from businesses in Norfolk and Newport News.

There will also be some unique services available like basic legal and marketing advice something Steidle believes sets her company apart.

"They don't have a lot of the resources that entrepreneurs really need like the legal advice for the small laser questions you might need and marketing advice," she said. "We can at least get people on the right track and make sure they spend their money where it is the smartest place to spend it."

The Roanoke Business Lounge already has 20 members and Steidle is expecting more growth.

You can get more information on becoming a member at www.roanokebusinesslounge.com.

Business Lounge
131 Kirk Ave
Roanoke, VA 24011
Contact: Samantha Steidle
(540) 397-4377

Roanoke announces the expansion of The Business Lounge— Kirk Avenue location. With the purpose of continuing to support entrepreneurship throughout the Commonwealth,

Roanoke, Va- August 13, 2012- Business Lounge, a co-working community for entrepreneurs in the Roanoke area, will be opening a second location in downtown Roanoke.  This co-working community is ideal for freelancers, start-ups, and work- remote companies who aren’t quite ready for a permanent office space, but would like the professionalism of a downtown location.

The Campbell Avenue location will continue operating and maintain a more open office-space feel with hours of 9am-5pm. Campbell Avenue will also continue to offer a photography studio. 

The goal is to inspire, and be inspired by those working around you at The Business Lounge, no matter how different your tasks happen to be.

The Business Lounge Kirk Avenue includes private conferences rooms, closed office areas, and silent workspace, perfect for “crunch time.”  Members have individual business storage on site and 24/7 access to the co-working space through a keypad.  A lounge area is available for coffee breaks, phone calls, or just to chat and collaborate with fellow members. Additional amenities include: access to an attorney for quick legal questions, and access to a marketing firm for quick marketing questions.  The space is available to members for private business parties and promotional events at an additional fee.

Members of both Business Lounge locations are provided with necessary amenities, plenty of workspace and a feeling of community. This co-working atmosphere can be more conducive to productivity than working alone at home or in a coffee shop where sensory overload can be problematic. Furnishings for the Business Lounge have been provided by The Office Outlet of TN, Inc., located in Roanoke.

The expansion party for the Business Lounge Kirk Avenue is set for September 6, 2012 from 4pm-6pm

            Visit the Business Lounge website at www.RoanokeBusinessLounge.com for membership information, or contact us at:  BusinessLoungeVa@gmail.com /(540) 397-4377.

The idea of co-working is taking off in Roanoke.

The Roanoke Business Lounge, a flexible workspace for small businesses, entrepreneurs and freelancers, is already expanding after opening in May on Campbell Avenue in downtown Roanoke.

The lounge is opening a second location a block away, at 131 Kirk Ave.

Owner Samantha Steidle said she has a list of 35 clients waiting to move into the new space.

"The demand is enormous," she said. "We've learned a lot already about what people want and need."

Kirk Avenue has a thriving arts community, with Kirk Avenue Music Hall and The Shadowbox Cinema just up the street from the new Business Lounge site.

Steidle says she's excited to provide space for artisans and freelancers to work. Many of the lounge's clients are designers, photographers, freelancers, social media marketers and experts.

The Campbell Avenue location will remain open and maintain a more "open office feel" including open office space and a photography studio, Steidle said.

The Kirk Avenue site will differ from the lounge's current location by offering more private space. Access will cost $200 a month for members, but Steidle is offering a half-price membership to those who join the lounge before the Kirk Avenue location opens.

The new location will have conference rooms, closed office space and a silent work space called "The Deadline Room" perfect for crunch time, Steidle said.

Also, individual business storage will be available to all members. A lounge area will be provided to relax, make phone calls and chat, and members will have 24-hour access to the location.

An attorney will be available to answer quick legal questions, and a marketing firm will also be available to deal with marketing questions.

The expansion is set to open Sept. 6, Steidle said.

The building the lounge is expanding into, which formerly housed Carter Media, has 4,000 square feet of space and lots of room to grow, she said. Steidle is renting the space.

The Business Lounge, a flexible workspace for small businesses, entrepreneurs and freelancers, is inviting the public to a free co-working day today.

The Business Lounge is located in downtown Roanoke on Campbell Avenue and opened in May.

“This is a great way to network, collaborate and share ideas with other like-minded business professionals and entrepreneurs as well as a great way to try out the space,” according to an email from the Business Lounge owner.

To learn more about co-working and the Business Lounge’s start read our previous coverage here.

-Roanoke Times (08/10/12)

Justin McLeodReporter4:37 p.m. EDT, August 10, 2012


It's a trend that's sweeping the country and it's finally made its way to Roanoke.

The concept is called co-working and it could change the way you feel about going to the office.

"We love it.  It works very well for us.  Since we've been here our day to day operations have gotten a lot easier," said Carissa Mulahn of Electronic Specialty Company.

Co-working is for people who don't need a full-time office. It's designed for start-ups, small businesses, or young entrepreneurs.  Here at the Roanoke Business Lounge, businesses of all kinds essentially share a working environment.
They have access to desks, a conference area, and wifi.  The cost?  A 100 bucks a month.

"We don't need a $2,000 office space.  We just simply need a place to gather and do basic office work.  It would be a waste of money for us to spend that much," said Mulahn

Co-working also encourages businesses to share ideas and even collaborate.

Leslie Coty runs a social media company, she's already making contacts and bringing in new business.

"For example, we had a guest yesterday.  Her name was Amanda Wright with LearningConnections.  We were chatting a few minutes.  By the time, we finished talking about fifteen minutes I had helped her with one of her social media sites," said Leslie Coty of Coty Connections.

Right now, the Roanoke Business Lounge has 15 members.  There is so much interest they're opening a second location on Kirk Avenue.  It will cost $200 a month.  Members will will share private offices, conference rooms, a receptionist, and have 24 hour access.
Proof perhaps, co-working is here to stay in Roanoke.

"It is a nationwide phenomenon, actually an international phenomenon, there are co-working spaces all over the world," said Rachael Keshishian of the Roanoke Business Lounge.

The second location is scheduled to open in early September.

For more information, you can visit Roanokebusinesslounge.com
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I am sure you have heard me talk about The Business Lounge in the past couple of months. Yesterday, they held their doors open to any who wanted to try the co-working experience. I was finally able to partake in that experience. 

My friend, Leslie, has already jumped on the bandwagon and works there 2-3 days a week for at least a few hours a day. Why does she do it? She says it helps her keep her focus and meet people who walk in through the door. Now mind you, you are not really there to start a presentation on yourself. You are there to make connections in the community. What does this do? After a few discussions, there may be ways that both businesses can help each other out. Sounds like a win-win to me! Oh, while I am thinking about it, I need to make that quick change to my LinkedIn profile that Leslie suggested. Hopefully, I have given her enough suggestions on where to get some design help from. Yeah, win-win. 

And lucky me! I got a sneak peek and tour of their new expansion! LOVE! There are a few more private spaces after listening to some suggestions from the people already invested in the business. I encourage everyone to try it and soon! The rates that they offer are not going to stay locked in forever as this business grows! They are going to have to cover the costs for expanding and remodeling the new space. Plus, it will eventually have a PinPad installed so that the space can be used 24 hours a day. Why would you need that? Do you really want to wake up everyone in your house with that all important overseas or West Coast conference call at midnight your time? 

I just received word that they are having another free co-working day today! Really, go check it out! 

Cutting the Ribbon Ceremony back in May. 
Article Written by:  Amanda Wright  
Check out her blog:  (http://entrepreneurialspiritinsalem.blogspot.com)
Published: August 06, 2012

DOWNTOWN ROANOKE, VA --Downtown Roanoke's Business Lounge, located on Campbell Avenue, is getting a great response.

The space provides a co-working community for small businesses and entreprenuers. It has been open since early July.

The owner says they have received more than 30 inquiries, and are now working on opening a second location. It is located on Kirk Avenue.

The second location will stay open 24 hours a day, including more private office spaces and legal and marketing counseling.